RaLytics is an industry leading healthcare information technology company that provides a full range of professional, software development, analytics, and executive-level advisory services in the areas of healthcare strategy, risk optimization, business transformation, and acquisitions. These services assist healthcare payers, providers, and compliance experts deliver quality solutions that reduces cost and financial risks while improving revenue efficiencies and care.

Powerful AI Technology

A New Way
to Take the Uncertainty Out of Risk Adjustment

RaLytics applies artificial intelligence to solve risk adjustment challenges for Payers, Compliance Officers, and Providers.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate Chart Chasing in Medicare Advantage

RaLytics technology solutions eliminate administrative burden and increases efficiencies for Payers and Providers.

Our Mission

Optimize Payment Efficiency &
Reduce Audit Burden

We are transforming the industry and enabling our clients to reallocate resources, optimize efficiency, and reduce program burden.

Advanced Solutions

Leverage the Powerful
RaLytics Platform

Experience it for yourself, contact us, and we will demonstrate how RaLytics solutions are data-driven to outperform.

icon pre submission validation

Pre-payment Validation

Evaluate and identify vulnerable medical record documentation for internal compliance, Provider education and training, and mitigating audit risk by oversight entities.

icon risk optimization

Risk Optimization

Optimize risk by identifying gaps between patient encounters and medical record documentation to improve beneficiary management and reimbursement accuracy.

icon regulatory risk review

Regulatory Risk Review

Reduce regulatory risk by leveraging Medicare Advantage program policy expert reviews and medical record evaluation to greatly improve the quality of evidentiary artifacts.

Who We Serve

Improving the
Healthcare System
for Everyone

RaLytics overarching goal is providing unique solutions and technologies to improve the Medicare Advantage system for everyone.

RaLytics solutions help improve the Medicare Advantage risk adjustment ecosystem for Payers, Providers, and Compliance Officers.

We’re turning burden into opportunity for stakeholders, enabling them to grow and adapt in a changing healthcare system.

Compliance Officers

Streamlining Medicare Advantage
Program Compliance

Put Artificial Intelligence, Interoperability & Analytics into Action

Our RaLytics platform, underpinned by policy-driven technology solutions and algorithms, reduce burden by streamlining acquisition, transfer and evaluation of medical records, while providing previously unavailable insights.


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