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Ensuring inclusive experiences for all users by offering comprehensive accessibility solutions and leveraging our deep expertise in compliance standards and regulations.

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Digital accessibility refers to the inclusive design and development of websites, applications, and other digital platforms that can be easily accessed and used by all individuals, including those with disabilities. It aims to eliminate barriers and provide equal access to information, services, and functionalities, regardless of a person’s physical or cognitive abilities.

Digital accessibility is essential for creating an inclusive and equitable online environment. It goes beyond compliance with legal requirements and embraces the principles of inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunity.


An Accessibility commitment creates equitable access, resulting in higher revenues, improved compliance, and reduced administrative burden.

Increase Revenue

According to the CDC, 24% of Americans have a disability. Creating accessible websites and services opens doors to a larger customer base. By removing barriers and ensuring equal access to websites and services, companies can attract more customers who may have previously faced difficulties in navigating their platforms. This expanded customer base can lead to increased engagement, higher enrollment, and greater revenues for the company.

Strengthen Compliance

Companies are legally obligated to comply with accessibility requirements outlined in regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other applicable laws. Ensuring accessibility across digital platforms, including websites, software, and communication channels, is crucial for effective communication with both current and potential customers. Compliance with these regulations demonstrates the company’s commitment to equal access and inclusive practices.

Alleviate Administrative Burden

By providing accessible websites and services, companies enable individuals with disabilities to independently access and navigate information and services. This reduces the need for manual interventions, such as phone calls or in-person assistance, to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Additionally, an accessible website typically offers a user-friendly interface, well-organized information, and efficient navigation, simplifying processes for both users and administrators. Users can find the information they need more easily, reducing the need for additional support or clarification and streamlining administrative tasks.


RaLytics’ industry-leading team of Inclusive Designers, Accessibility Engineers, 508 Policy Experts, Data Scientists, and Program Managers will help your organization learn necessary accessibility skills and embed accessibility into your existing processes. We have led innovation in the accessibility field for the past decade.

We have successfully delivered accessibility products, training, and resources to diverse clients, including Microsoft and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Baseline Assessment

  • Policy Review: we will conduct an organizational-wide policy review to ensure compliance with the latest regulations
  • Website Assessment: we will use automated tooling and manual testing to identify accessibility issues on sites and services
  • AI Trend Analysis: we will leverage AI/ML techniques to conduct a large-scale data analysis on bugs to identify reoccurring issues and complaints

Websites & Technologies

  • Engineering Services: we will advise and partner with teams to quickly remediate accessibility errors and issues on websites and services
  • A11yDevOps: our unique development process will enable the development of accessible websites and software, giving engineering teams the ability to integrate and automate accessibility into their existing processes, including design and development specifications and reviews
  • Tooling Integration: we will promote accessibility tooling and integrations, allowing engineering teams to check their own websites for issues

In-Depth A11y Training

  • Persona-Based Training: we will provide persona-specific accessibility training, ensuring individuals receive relevant training based on their role
  • Procurement Guidance: we will create tools and guidance to ensure accessibility is factored into all procurements
  • Champions Program: we will develop an Accessibility Champions Program fostering collaboration and innovation across the organization, including hands-on practice in end-to-end boot camp offerings and office hours

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